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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pie Day, Dragon Style

So, to honor 3.14, March 14, or "Pi Day," I decided to post a li'l page about pie - or rather, a li'l page Nom changes to be about pie. And anatomy.

Original: Exactly as it appears - Nom only added the caption.

Fav detail: the "mutant" clusters of three berries - gross. And wrong. Or the sad, single berries - forlornly dangling all by themselves...again, gross. And wrong. But then, I guess that's pretty much us: gross and wrong. Don't lie: you love it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potato Sack Race Gone Wrong

The weather is finally getting warmer! With spring officially just 18 days away, we give you this tribute to a time-honored outdoor activity: potato sack races! Only with Twisted Sistah's influence...

Original: just as it appears - without the caption. The pages with just creative coloring and merely a caption are perhaps my favorite. There is a degree of difficulty in using only words to spin a picture completely around and T.S. has done it masterfully.

Fav Detail: Zoe's red-rimmed eyes.

NOTE: We do not think child abduction or abuse is funny. This page merely shows how an innocent thing like a potato sack race could be twisted into something else. And twisting things is usually funny.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Two-Page Spread

Boy, it's been a while! Inconsistency in posting seems to be the hallmark of this blog. Well, that and the PURE HILARITY of our PARODY!

So, since our last post was a two-page spread, I thought we'd follow it up with another...

This one is done by yours truly, Lieutenant Warp. It comes from a generic Cinderella book, except, as you can tell form the edges of the pages, the book is not in the traditional rectangle shape - it's kind of scallopy.

Inspiration: The Prince wasn't happy and the step-sisters WERE bending over a bit too much, in my opinion so I came up with a reason 'why' the Prince wasn't happy with the ladies who came to the ball...

Altered: Clearly, I hand-wrote in another sentence to help explain the artwork. I erased the necklines of the sisters and lowered them, making the more...ahem, interesting. Then I erased some lines in the front of the dresses and drew in some new ones to make it look like the sisters were parting their voluminous skirts. Finally, I added the legs. I also drew in a lacy bottom and colored it so it the 'interior' of the skirt was a different color than the 'exterior.'

Fav Detail: The pantaloons on the sisters. The fact they wear saggy under-things only makes them LESS attractive.

Be sure to click on each picture so you can see the details. I shrank them on the blog view so you could see them side-by-side but if you click on them they will come up full size.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming Out Party

Here's another post in the"costume" theme.

This one is a rare "two-page spread" - i.e. the coloring book had two pages opposite each other that go together.

Inspiration: Oscar was descending the stairs, in drag. SERIOUSLY?! Why did they draw him in drag? The paparazzi were snapping pictures, looking amazed and amused. There was a feather boa. All these things pointed to a Hollywood-style party...

Original: no booze bottles/cans, no birthday banner, no on the pics to see them full-sized.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cross-Dress for Success

In honor of Halloween approaching, we've decided to post a series of "costume-themed" pictures...

This one comes from...I want to say Cinderella II - or maybe III. I can't remember. What I can remember is that the Grand Duke is planning a wedding and Stepmother isn't happy about it.

Original: no bra on the Grand Duke - I drew that in. I really liked the idea that he was a skeezy perv. I also made a caption and a failed attempt at turning up the corner of his mouth into a sneer. And I erased the period at the end of the sentence at the top of the page and added my own ending. Stepmother is completely unaltered.

Trivia: it took FOREVER to color the banquet table and its sugary spread in the background.

Our Favorite Detail: The cups on the bra are saggy. Totally gross.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dancing Queen, Part 2

Ok, here's the much anticipated, extremely belated follow up to last DECEMBER'S posting.

This one's by Twisted Sistah.

Original: The instructor didn't have an angry face. Or a fencing foil. And naturally, T.S. added a delightful caption...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dancing Queen, Part One

Okay, it's been a while but we're back. Promise. and just in time for the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays, we don't really have any "holiday themed" pages to share. So I thought I'd make a REALLY tenuous connection. Ready? Here goes!

The holidays = parties. Parties often = dancing. Here is a pic done by the Artist Still Known as Nom about dancing. Enjoy!